Patricia´s biography

8. května 2007 v 0:30 | Simone |  Patricia Kelly
Date of birth:November 25, 1969
Place of birth:Gamonal, Spain
Marital status:Lives with husband Denis and in October 2001 gave birth to son Alexander and in July 2003 second son Ignatius
Instruments:Guitar, percussion, harp, accordion, piano
Role in the band/family:Involved in management and also helps to organize benefit events etc.
Hobbies:Reading, sport (triathlon)
Favourite CD:Sontgombaut
Favourite artist:Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen
Favourite band:U2
Favourite book:"Women who love too much" (Robin Norwood) "My sister St. Therese'" (Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face)
Favourite film:The Mission
Favourite food/meal:Salad
Your favourite moment with the band:"Out in the Green" Festival 1994

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